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bamboo leggings wholesale

bamboo leggings wholesale Basic info

Color: Blue/Black/Grey
Item No: WhaterDrp-1121
Function: Printing leggings/Animal Print leggings/Yoga pants leggings/Workout leggings
Performance: Elastic/Moisture Wicking fabric
Bamboo leggings wholesale for raw material of bamboo fiber fabric is bamboo and according to a special process and textiles made of new fabrics. Bamboo leggings wholesale with bamboo fiber fabric has the following characteristics:

  1. Bamboo fiber fabric along with soft, smooth, and warm characteristics. Bamboo fiber is very thin, soft, white, and bright colors, toughness and wear resistance, unique resilience, a strong vertical and horizontal intensity, uniform and stable, good drape, soft, smooth not tie body, softer than cotton, it has a unique sense likes velvet.
  2. The features of bamboo fiber fabric are moisture permeability, warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo fiber cross section is filled with large and small oval-shaped pores can instantly absorb and evaporate a lot of water. Natural height of hollow cross-section so that experts said bamboo charcoal fiber as “breathing” of the fiber, also called “Fiber Queen.” Bamboo fiber ranking first in the major textile fibers because of its hygroscopicity, moisture liberation and breathability. Warm in winter and cool in summer is determined by the hollow bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber textiles use in summer and autumn makes people feel special cool and breathable; the fluffy and comfortable bamboo fiber textiles use in winter and spring can rid the body of excess heat and moisture.
  3. Antibacterial and antibiotic, antibacterial rate of 94.5%. Upon inspection, testing and certification company SGS testing, the same number of bacteria under a microscope, bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products can flourish, while the bacteria on the charcoal bamboo fiber fabric decreased by 94.5% after 24 hours. This achievement also to prevent “SARS” provides a choice of protective clothing, which is unparalleled by other textile materials.
  4. Environmental protection and anti-ultraviolet: bamboo fiber is green material extract and purifies form bamboo, it has a natural anti-mite, odor, pest control and produce negative ions characteristic of bamboo. After testing proved that bamboo fiber fabric 200-400nm UV transmittance is almost zero, and the maximum wavelength of ultraviolet radiation on the human body injury.

Using bamboo charcoal fiber workout leggings  are not only natural and environmental characteristics, more far infrared, negative ions, thermal heat storage and other functions, which is very suitable for long journey rides and long time riding, and better able to respond to multiple workout sports situation not matter Yoga / Running or Gym Fitness. The feature o f bamboo fiber is permanent and independent of the number of washing.

HUELLEN INDUSTRIAL’s bamboo leggings wholesalesupplier have the following characteristics:

1. Elastic force: 12% polyester content,ensure maximum comfort at the same time and pants know better than to loose, skinny legs sports leggings playing a role of tight and lift up hip in the visual, you can feel the charm of thin legs.
2. Breathable: Polyester fabric, particularly suitable for sports, its moisture perspiration, breathable function so that the movement of heat generated by the fiber gap disappeared, maintaining the entire movement of cool and comfortable.
3. Anti-wrinkle: 4 Ways Stretch fabric so the leggings have good anti-wrinkle, resilient and easy to care.
4. Soft: fine texture, feel soft,comfortable to wear.
Workmanship: 4-needles 6-threads sewing, more fit the human body circumference curve, and with effectively reducing friction, increase product quality, and more use times. Dimensional version of the type and show thin!

Bamboo leggings wholesale Order info

Price: USD6.5 – USD 9.5 / leggings

MOQ: 5pcs in stock printed leggings (Custom leggings are accepted and same MOQ)

Remark: As you know our products has quite wide range according to different quality and material requirements.It’s better you can let me know your detail specifications.
Delivery Time: 7~45 days
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Bank Card ect.

Sample: Free samples and Free printed your own desgin leggings

Packing: Carton with poly bag

Q: Do you have stock products to sell ?
A: Yes, we have stock many kind of colors & designs for ourself leggings to sell. Also accept OEM order.

Q: When we create the artwork ,what kind of format is available for printing?
A: You can choose: PDF, CDR, AI vector files

Q: Do you provide inspect the finished products before shipment?
A: Yes. Each product will be inspected by QC before shipping.

Q: Is men’s size having the same price as the women?
A: Yes, when sewing an adult’s or a children’s order it takes the same amount of time.

Q: Can you replicate my order if I provide you a sample?
A: Yes if you give us fabric details, PMS and vectore file design.







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