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Mesh leggings wholesale – HUALLEN Industrial

Mesh leggings wholesale – HUALLEN Industrial,a trustworthy leggings supplier with extensive experience of designing and manufacturing help us to provide flexible design proposal at any moment. Custom mesh insert leggings are able to be designed as the customer’s requirements.

It is a very flexible design for HUALLEN mesh insert leggings. We perform well whether mesh insert thigh, shin or side of leg, either 2pcs meshes,3pcs meshes, 4pcs meshes insert or the linear shape mesh design. To fulfill these ingenious and attractive designs, which was based on HUALLEN’s many year production technical background.

How to printing some differents models leggings?

HUALLEN is a legging manufacture that accept all kinds of style and design of legging production, the purpose of this paper is to help potential customers have better understanding for the production process.Rough legging production can be divided into the following steps:
1.Design sketches, such as custom LOGO or leggings printed;
2.We accept the draft design, to measure and design according to the actual proportion by designer;
3.After finishing cutting, sewing parts of the leggings with Fourneedle six lines workmanship, and sewing process is done.
4.After the sewing is completed, the customer gets his own design legging as their wish, the whole process takes about 25 days from start to finish.

We always adopt 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which suitable for sports leggings.Moreover,other legging style can also be customized, such as SUPPLEX and LYCRA.


Rich experience in production design, even if the enterprises that have no experience but want to build their own brands and business, are all can get help from here!

Flexible design for HUALLEN mesh leggings wholesale

Mesh leggings wholesale,leggings design with mesh insert in styles are: plain color background with various types mesh design and mesh panel insert printing leggings.
Plain color mesh insert legging mainly in black, white, gray or any other solid colors as the background, mixed flexible meshes fragment with single chip mesh, double meshes or even multichip meshes design, appeared flexible and stylish leggings appearance. Meanwhile, the well-designed mesh insert legging meet the customer’s shopping desire to the fullest.
Mesh panel insert printing legging is one of the top-rated wholesale products from HUALLEN, based off its flexible appearance. The digital printing technology, is powerful enough to print custom logo, pattern, or cutting-edge fashion mesh legging design. You would get the everything you ever want under the help of HUALLEN.

The technology of HUALLEN’s mesh leggings

The production engineering of mesh insert leggings: considering that various types of mesh (it can be adjusted and customized at customer’s requests, from single-chip mesh splicing design to multi-chip splicing design). The good air permeability would play its park by splicing together the quick dry fabric, and show thin effect more apparent. Moreover, we adopt internationally recognized workmanship of four needles six line cut and sewn, more active and energetic. Compared with ordinary stitching, the four needles six line cut and sewn has the advantages of high elasticity, flat and high strength seamless stitching more fit the human body circumference curve, reducing friction effectively.

Why must HUALLEN Industrial for your own custom mesh legging ?

In HUALLEN, we not only manufacture impeccable products, but propose some suggestion on the marketing to help our customers.

HUALLEN provided custom leggings design for big seller on AMAZON, WISH, Ebay for 6 years, also we have coordinated closely with many wholesalers and retailers from there. From leggings fabric manufacturing, printing process to the custom-made garments manufacture designing, Complete and strong supply chain contribute to us to adjust at the soonest according to market feedback to help our customers who are dedicated to the frontline of avant-garde and fashion, to manufacture what the customers wanted. We have helped many small and medium-sized sellers to grow into big sellers rely on our advantages.

You would gain more meaningful things beyond the business itself. You can better understand what the cutting-edge fashion design might be, better understand the popular tendency of fabric.

To be the next big seller, you might as well contact us now.