leggings wholesale price

Leggings wholesale price

Leggings wholesale price for custom legging manufacturer – All our leggings with a competitive price and flexible customized types. We have developed and devised a strategy to make your custom leggings not only look good, but you can take them anywhere and at the same time they will last a long time.

What is the difference leggings wholesale price?

92%polyester & 8%spandex for price $7 each legging. MOQ:1PC

88%polyester & 12%spandex for price $8 each legging.MOQ:1PC

85% polyester  & 15% spandex  for price $10 each. Higher ingredients spandex, the higher stretch.MOQ:1PC

77% polyster & 23% spandex for price are $10.5. MOQ:1000 pcs

Other material like nylon and spandex fabric,$11.5 each legging.

What is the difference between nylon spandex and polyester spandex?

Nylon with more abrasion resistant than spandex, but poor in gas permeability, and nylon with good hand feeling than the polyster, but can not bear high temperature.Nylon fabric leggings need to be print by cold transfer print with high minimum order quanity.

I argue that 88%polyster and 12% spandex is enough, legging have good material, hand feeling and affordable price.
If this ingredients would hit the Austrial marketplack it would be a lot cheaper than ohters
Consumers do not understand how the difference of spandex content


Rich experience in production design, even if the enterprises that have no experience but want to build their own brands and business, are all can get help from here!

design your own leggings wholesale

HUALLEN can develop and provide customized patterns, logos and colors.Business mode:

1.ODM: Original Design Manufacturer,Means you like our products,we can do it with your own brand.Design your own leggings wholesale!

2.OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer,Means the clients offer design and developments,HUALLEN is responsible for processing the products..

Design your own leggings wholesale
mesh leggings wholesale

Mesh leggings insert design.Fabric Recomand: 88%polyester 12% spandex.Plain color design+Mesh insert(Capri or long length).Sublimation print and mesh insert leggings design. The shape of the mesh and the print patern can as your request.

You are the next one to be the superb brand, wholesaler! We look forward to working with you to be the next story!

Conct us for Mesh leggings
Plain leggings wholesale with custom design view

For unique,comfortable and suited to your body type leggings wholesale just have a look at HUALLEN Industrial.

Plain leggings wholesale with custom design. 88% polyester + 12% spandex plain color design with custom logo slogan,performance for Sofe/Breathable/Dry-fit/Elastic.Suitable: Running,joggings,leisure,fashion workout yoga,and so on.

Plain leggings wholesale

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