leggings pattern

Leggings pattern created by HUALLEN.
As a more than a decade experience printing garment factory (mainly legging printing, shirts printing and fabric printing, etc.), we have accumulated rich printing pattern which meet the need of market, and produce top-rated printing pattern based on market analysis in every year, to print them onto our leggings, shirts and fabrics, etc. Now below I present some printing patterns for you:

leggings pattern Micro flowers design for wholesale leggings

Leggings pattern for Micro flowers pattern does not have to take a back seat to jumbo-size flora patter, the style of delicate and colorful micro flowers was varied. Patterns from Valentino’s personality twig, small wildflowers and grasses, distinct styles micro flowers printing is going to be a real bright spot in 2018/19 Autumn and Winter. As the wilderness for inspiration, designers incorporate micro flowers of different times, collisional mixing with new images to create the micro flowers for this season. Dendritic flowers and animals pattern are scattered over all on dark color background, revealing the beauty sense of Bohemia style. There are varieties of flowers arrangement, dense and tidy, or tufted. The thin fabrics and floor-length dress is the best carriers with regard to romantic theme.


Pattern leggings for printing of HAND PAINTED FLOWERS : The market is increasingly prone to hand-painted punchy effect, and it has started to become mainstream. The printing is taken from designer’s draw sketch, the loose lines, the style of hand-painted refurbished women printing style, and releasing the soft, nature feeling and adding artistic taste because of exquisite painting style. Designers adopted such a casual, but unique hand-painted approach to create those artistic flowers print clothing, which created a sense of romance in each market and category. The exquisite colors, patterns and texture effect with hand-painted brush strokes, the simple dresses, casual suits, jackets and shirts also gave off a new look based on hand-painted floral printing.

Leggings pattern for TROPICAL FLORAL

floral leggings printed

Leggings pattern for TROPICAL FLORAL: The enduring plant printing improved by saturated colors collision, presenting expressive tropical floral, raffia and hibiscus images, which expressed the striking tropical style. In this season, people draw more attention to leaves than flowers, layered leaves design made the eye-catching tropical rainforest painting pattern. The most gorgeous and exaggerated style highlights the novel flowers design, mixing different bold colors, like orange, pink and red color. The pattern of luxuriant palm trees and dense Pteridophyta that calls to mind for Amazon jungle, which describes a vibrant tropical by bold colors and printing design. Many exotic natural landscapes were expressed in photographic manipulations, turned out to be a fine, verdant dreamy paradise.

Leggings pattern for ETHNIC STYLE

Leggings pattern for ETHNIC STYLE: From exquisite embroidery to colorful detail design, the influence of ethnic style is reflected in the traditional and long history of technological, not an item which comes from a country or region. Meanwhile, When the ethnic style is combined with understated elegance hand painted flowers, wide stripes combine integrated tribe flavor, bringing this trend to a new level. Winter ethnic style looking for inspiration from natural textures, fabrics, and colors, showing a desire to stay away from noise and explore nature. The ethnic style printing and jacquard fabric have crowded into all levels of women’s market, including luxury sportswear and Bohemia style, ethnic style also appeared in many of the main items, such as jacket and dress.

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