leggings manufacturing process

What’s the leggings manufacturing process and how could i get the custom design printed leggings for myselft? If you want design your own leggings but how to start?
Here we are, The answers will being provided for you.

Leggings of the production process is divided into 3 steps:
1. Before leggings manufacturing process production:

Before production, selecting the desired leggings design you want, not only the printing design but also the materials, composition and style.
At this stage, sending the desirable design to the manufacturer, or refer to customer cases to pick it up (huallen industrial with more than 100 customer cases, more than 1000 designs of production experience per year, you want to make the fastest and most accurate choice? Contact us now!). After leggings design selected, refer to different target markets choice of raw materials, the most functional, with the most advanced sports enjoy. Please choose 20% – 30% spandex content, or 70% – 80% polyester content of raw materials, more spandex content means better elasticity and flexibility and comfort performance, with the best shaping function! Of course, it has the most expensive price.

custom printed leggings design case

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2. Leggings manufacturing process: When you have completed the material and design select, which is the pre-production steps, then let’s set about the production work!
The production process is roughly divided into six steps:
1.Design your own leggings 2.Send to us with your design 3.We get your design then sublimation printing for your own leggings 4.Cutting. While printing has been completed, the next is to clipping the printing, cut down the printed fabric piece by piece for the next step to prepare 5.Checking, quality inspection is not in the stage of finished product, but the immediately check after finished the printing process, so as to avoid blemish printing fabric. 6. Sewing, sewing is one of the key points of production phase, Sewing technology workers determine the quality of finished products to a large extent, HHUALLEN Industrial adopted Fourneedle six lines workmanship, to guarantee the quality of products. Fourneedle six lines workmanship ensure the higher degree of fastness of leggings, with freedom and flexibie sports enjoy.

3. Complete the product:We will check the quality before packing, to ensure each of HL leggings are perfect.
The finnal process of leggings manufacturing is to confirm your mode of transport, express by air has a fast time-specific features, 5-10 days to reach every corner of the earth, of course, higher transport costs can not be avoided. But the door to door service for most small and medium enterprises and customers with the best choice!
Ship via sea is the best choice for the large order, although it takes more transportation time, but the cost is relatively low, which suitable for transaction of large quantity . Certainly, in HUALLEN,  we have a good cooperation with mature shipping service and most areas have fast navigation services to reduce the transit port, 12-20 days to reach the destination port at the soonest.


leggings manufacturing supplier for HUALLEN supports leggings with quick-drying function, sports leggings is particularly suitable for running sports/cycling/any type for workout are suitable for this fabrics material.



leggings manufacturing process

leggings manufacturing process Basic info

Sports fabrics with Lycra ingredients more elastic more comfortable, in the course of the movement to provide close protection, polyester material has a moisture perspiration, quick-drying function. This sports fabric is suitable for most sports apparel, riding apparel, sports T-shirt, any function you want to dress can be met.
Performance: Elastic/Moisture Wicking fabric/Mesh fabrics
Composition: 88%Polyester 12%Spandex material fabric or custom(30% spandex and 70% polyester upon)
Material breakdown:
Fabric: Polyester & Spandex
Weight: 160gsm-230gsm
Key Features:

  • Lycra spandex&polyester fabric material for elastic performance
  • Be suitable for the workout sportsing wear as long time and long distance play.
  • Wicking, anti-bacterial deodorant, four color fastness, ergonomics.
  • Mesh fabric material for moisture wicing and breatheatble
  • High-quality & competitive price

Order info

Price: USD4.5/kg  (The weight equal 200gsm and width equal 160cm for yard price are USD 1.3/Yard )

MOQ: 25kgs (The weight equal 200gsm and width equal 160cm for yard MOQ are 80 Yards )

Remark: As you know our products has quite wide range according to different quality and material requirements.It’s better you can let me know your detail specifications.
Delivery Time: 7~45 days
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Bank Card ect.

Sample: Free samples and hangers available or upon request

Packing: Rolly with poly bag



Fitness wear for women has gained much popularity in the recent years. It has seen an upsurge of attires designed to make the wearer feel light, comfortable and still exemplify a rocking figure. One of the attire that has proved and paved way for a successful workout is the sports/workout leggings.

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Sports leggings are the inimitable choice of women and girls across the globe who love conveying their class, standard, attitude, and demeanor. They are a perfect choice or women who don’t like the idea of exhibiting their bare legs while on skirts or for those who love factoring in a pinch of seductiveness to their lingerie.

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Since time immemorial, bodybuilders, dancers, fitness experts and sports women have developed an affinity for compression apparels such as workout leggings while exercising.!

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