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Leggings design – All our designer leggings are handmade. We have developed and devised a strategy to make your custom leggings not only look good, but you can take them anywhere and at the same time they will last a long time.

Here are the features that bring all our pairs of leggings with custom art:

1. They are 80% -92% polyester and 20%-8% spandex material. This combination allows your garment to last through wearing and is comfortable at the same time.

2.You can take it wherever you want, from your yoga classes to a special dinner. Our leggings can keep you active and go out with you wherever you go without losing glamour!

3.Perfect fit. This is due to our high quality spandex fabric. Our leggings fit every corner of your legs and also fit all types of body types.

4.They are easy to care for. Our prints are of high quality and never fade after washing. Our ultra-stretch fabric holds the shape even after you have worn it several times.

5. The High waist. Our leggings feature an elastic high waist that will usually rise just below your navel to fit most sizes.

6 . All our elastic fabrics have performance fiber. This fiber is considered as ecological because it requires much less energy and the use of water during its manufacture.

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What Is The Process for Leggings Design?

HUALLEN is a legging manufacture that accept all kinds of style and design of legging production, the purpose of this paper is to help potential customers have better understanding for the production process.Rough legging production can be divided into the following steps:
1.Design sketches, such as custom LOGO or leggings printed;
2.We accept the draft design, to measure and design according to the actual proportion by designer;
3.After finishing cutting, sewing parts of the leggings with Fourneedle six lines workmanship, and sewing process is done.
4.After the sewing is completed, the customer gets his own design legging as their wish, the whole process takes about 25 days from start to finish.

We always adopt 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which suitable for sports leggings.Moreover,other legging style can also be customized, such as SUPPLEX and LYCRA.

Get Started

Your unique design printed directly onto fabric, then cut and sewn right here,in China.Sell print-on-demand leggings with your design on them. Shiny, durable and hot. Your unique design printed directly.

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