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Ladies leggings wholesale custom design for European and American women. After hundreds of time and constantly optimize,we have accumulated thousands of legging production experience. Designed according to the human anthropotomy, it can be divided into strong/medium/weak free draping, reasonable pressure distribution on the legging, moving fat from strong pressure to weak pressure position, to achieve the stereoscopic body shaping effect.Adhering to the exquisite details and ultimate pursuit for good clipping,we continuously tuning and optimizing the structure and clipping for legging.


Rich experience in production design, even if the enterprises that have no experience but want to build their own brands and business, are all can get help from here!

HUALLEN Ladies Leggings Wholesale Feature

The mysteries of voluptuous bottom is fattiness management. Scientific management of fattiness distribution, the secret of curvy figure. Legging similar to a mold, to shape a voluptuous curve of hip must be formed by a perfect mold.

The selection of exquisite fabrics: high density knitting technology for ladies leggings wholesale:

  1. Natural and environmental protection organic fibre
  2. Comfort to wear, close fitting legging
  3. Anti-pilling, get certified thousands of friction tests
  4. Superior knitting technology, it wears well, and keeps the shape
  5. Colorfast and noticeable

Moisture-wicking fabric, quick dry and comfort to wear for long time exercise.


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