How To Wear Leggings

2 tips of  fashion style for wearing leggings,to teach you show charming figure of legs.

How to wear leggings? What to wear with leggings?Leggings are the essential single-product for every girls who enjoy dressing up. It is all-match and wearing capable and experienced, girl should select elaborately the single-product in consideration of the streetful and assorted leggings. How to wear leggings looks fashionable and good-looking?  and you better to follow HUALLEN.


Style 1:black leggings

Sports leggings with pure black, not only shape the curve of legs figure of legs but make legs look slim. It is the most basic styles of tights and all-match. What to wear with black leggings? There are 4 tips of fashion style for wearing black leggings:

1.Black leggings & Geometric patterns coat & Bare-midriff

2.Black leggings & army green baseball jacket

3.Black leggings & assorted colors baseball jacket

4.Black leggings & gray short coat with sleeves

1.Black & Geometric patterns coat & Bare-midriff

A combination of black leggings and bare-midriff, releasing the rich vitality and a little sexy, but for contrast the tight inner cloth with oversize coat, to let the body look slimmer. Striking key technique is, black inner cloth set off the stylish printed coat, which taking on a whole eye-catching style and walking facile and graceful.





2.Black leggings & army green baseball jacket

Army green integrates into the baseball jacket show a masculine style. Black tights coupling as shown in the figure, and capable and experienced is self-evident, novel army green looks more unique charm from the associative perception.


black-leggings-assorted-colors-baseball-jacket leggings & assorted colors baseball jacket

As a novel and fashion product, modern styles cannot without assorted colors, and wearing a fashionable feeling can make half the work with double results, and if you are worrying about not wearing an upper garment, choose this type of element is absolutely “fashion”.

black-leggings-gray-short-coat-with-sleeves leggings & gray short coat with sleeves

Simple but high-grade feeling attribute the success to the grey and black combination, do not ever miss the process for improving the taste of wearing, this will allow you to share this city as you taste the charm of weight.


Custom printing chic leggings wearing leggings fashion style

Style 2:Custom printing chic leggings

1.Assorted color leggings & printed upper garment

It is not necessary for you to pick up pure color upper garment if you chose the simple and assorted color leggings. sometimes it may reduce the style performance results. By using the contrast color to create and enlarge the personality, as long as lay the emphasis on the harmony principle of tritone precess.

2.Printed leggings & gray knitted sweater

I’m not saying that matching the pure color upper garment is not good-looking, but most of trendsetters prefer to which is never fed up with. If you are weak in matching clothes with color, please pick up the simple and pure color of upper garment.

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