How To Make Leggings

How to make leggings? Here we give you the opportunity to create your own custom leggings with your artwork and images, in HUALLEN we accept a variety of styles and designs to obtain unique pieces. Our unique combination of printing process and fabric quality results in very wearable, adorable and top quality leggings!

Sewing system for our custom leggings

For us it is a pride to say that we make all our products in our factory. This means that when you design your own pair of leggings, we receive your order, proceed to print your design on our fabrics, and then cut and customize your leggings to order according to your measurements.

Each order is handled individually by our wonderful production team and is checked with the customer in the middle of the process to define the quality of printing and sewing. We stock our leggings using a 4-wire overlock that incorporates a safety stitch along the seam to ensure durability and stretch.

Based on the colors of your custom work of art, our great sewing equipment will use your intuition to determine the color that best suits your design.

We have different thread options for all colors. Gray thread and white thread for neutral and for lighter color designs and Black thread for darker colors. When we are printing on the surface of what is originally white cloth, it is normal for you to observe the original color from where the thread is piercing and passes through the fabric, especially along the elastic waist.

how to sewing make leggings
sewing leggings process
make leggings process
sewing leggings system for your own leggings

Custom printing method of our leggings

After having developed the perfect fabric base where you will carry out your work of art, we proceed to develop the perfect impression. Our leggings are printed using solvent-less sublimation inks. This modern printing method gives a vibrant and beautiful range of colors. We help you in the process to learn how to make leggings.

We have worked hand in hand with the best color specialists to facilitate the most accurate color matching to your original artwork as much as possible on the web. And the most important part? Our printed leggings will not fade after using them or washing them! Our printed leggings are also very easy to care for. Custom printed leggings are like when you get the first tattoo; once you have one, you will want more and more!

printing on fabric using spandex material polyester fabrics

Custom Legging Fabric

We have developed our own formula for a perfect fabric!When we organize to create our custom legging, we start first by fibers! We advised with one of the latest knitwear manufacturers in and developed them on our idea of ​​making custom leggings a reality.

Our fabric is sturdy and of medium weight, but at the same time breathable. It stretches to fit your body like a glove! It fits in all the right places and returns to its shape after washing. You can wear your leggings one and thousands of times and you will never lose your shape.

After many months of testing for endurance, washability, and comfort, we developed our own perfect legging fabric formula.

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