Halloween costumes – US $10 billion market value analysis

—Why the smart ecommerce vendors always prepare Halloween purchases in summer?

Halloween is an unusual festival for importers, ecommerce vendors and buyers in a year. The unusual holiday has become the eighth largest consumer festival in the United States, according to the American Retail Federation (NRF). Just last year, NRF expected that the retail sales in the United States will reach to $ 8.4 billion during the Halloween, not just in the United states. Halloween is also popular in European, for those smart sellers who sell in several markets around the world, they would have a chance to get high sales if having corresponding Halloween marketing plan.

Halloween Holiday Leggings

To make some progress on Amazon, Walmart, as well as websites and other channels, we made this Halloween sales guide to help sellers start Halloween purchases in Summer and stay one step ahead most other sellers.

But why purchasing in summer season? How to do the best preparation? What the product would be big seller?

Read on: NRF conducted a survey of about 7,000 American consumers, the theme is about how they will celebrate Halloween and how to make Halloween purchases, the survey found nearly 70% of respondents will celebrate the Halloween, with Halloween spending rising by 12% year on year.

Halloween Costumes Historical Halloween Celebration

In addition, between 2005 and 2016,the number of Americans who celebrates the Halloween is increasing every year, which indicates that the population is expected to be higher and that Halloween spending will rise accordingly in 2017.

Historical Halloween Spending

Meanwhile, nearly 22% of American consumers had Halloween purchases online in 2016, year-on-year growth of more than 26%. As the online shopping evolves, 2017 will be destined to become the ecommerce vendors another record year in sales.

Where will consumers shop for Halloween

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Halloween Costumes – Why children and adult audiences are equally important to the sellers on Halloween?

In the past, Halloween was mainly aimed at children, but in recent years the situation has changed greatly. Nowadays, ecommerce vendors should highly targeted children and adult audiences. Interestingly, more than 70% of NRF’s respondents plan to handle out candy on Halloween, while the rest of 30% respondents tended to go out with their children to play ‘trick or treat’ (Candy has been the most popular Halloween product for decades) Moreover, NRF also found that nearly half of Americans would like to decorate their homes and yards in 2017, dress up and carve pumpkins. The following information can provide some insights into your Halloween product purchases:

 How are people celebrating Halloween

Halloween party items: The plate, snacks, cups, napkin, table cloth. Decorations: Pumpkins (real or artificial pumpkins, and pumpkin related pictures), electronic toys, the fake spider toys and spider webs, the ornaments on doors, walls, and curtains.

top 10 lists of young people halloween clothing

Therefore, even though the Halloween is a traditionally children’s festival, adults are obviously the main force who purchase the majority of Halloween items. Some of them will purchase items for their children, others buy clothing for themselves, or prepare decorations and party items for their homes, workplaces, or children’s classrooms, and candy for the raggers. What the most popular Halloween costume in Amazon, Walmart platform etc. When it comes to costume, which to be aimed only at kids and adults, as well as pets. It is worth noting that the total cost of Halloween pets clothing in 2016 reached to $420 million, and the trend seems to be on the rise. Do not believe, see graph below:

Halloween pets clothing in 2016 reached to $420 million

Age from 18 and 34 are most likely to be actively involved in Halloween celebrations, according to NRF. But just as importantly, adult clothing revenue is expected to be 370 million dollars in comparison with children’ in 2016 Halloween, as shown.

You’ll notice that young people aged from 18~34 prefer to superhero suit at Halloween, in the image below. All of the top 10 Halloween costumes on the children’s list, which also appeared in the top 10 of young people list, others are similar to the children’s Halloween costume categories, like animals, vampires, pirates, zombies and witches also appeared in the top 10 lists of young people, as well as Star Wars figures, villains in horror movies, and video game characters, etc.

top 10 Halloween costumes on the children's list, which also appeared in the top 10 of young people list

The adults in those above 35 years old age are similar with the kids and young in Halloween costumes taste, the only difference is that adults prefer to costume’s political. It is probably because 2016 is in election year, but we have every reason to believe that mocking effigies of politicians clothing will continue to be fashionable in 2017.

35 years old age are similar with the kids and young in Halloween costumes taste

The Americans average consumption is $83 at Halloween, while the product of clothing and candy absorbed the largest proportion as high as 67%, according to NRF.

The Americans average consumption is $83 at Halloween

Why we have to prepare Halloween purchases in summer?

Just because so many sellers tend to sell the top-rated products at Halloween, the suppliers may have not ability to meet all requirements once the time is drawing near for the festival. However, the smartest sellers understand that, so they’ll start contacting suppliers in July and be prepared for rush orders at Halloween ahead of schedule. Besides, many Halloween consumers will start purchasing Halloween costumes and decorations before the end of the summer. In fact, more than 1/3 of people plan to start their Halloween items selective purchasing by October:

 When Celebrants Plan to Start Halloween Shopping

By digging through fashion trends of films, TV, social media and other areas, shrewd sellers are able to find out what items have the greatest sales potential at Halloween. Meanwhile, Sellers should also know which classic Halloween items are the best sellers. Some candy, costumes and decorations never goes out of style at Halloween, therefore, it will help to avoid the risk of poor sales if we are poised for all kinds of popular items and that items would never out of date. Sellers can also sell product by the sales tool of bundling-sale on Amazon / sales website / physical stores to create greater average order value. For example, you may consider to sell plastic spider toys together with several bags fake spider webs and electronic monsters; Maybe sell goods in boundless, mural print decoration products and double-sided adhesive tape or a bag of candy mixed together;
Halloween leggings and print clothing is a splendid idea, the costumes of people wearing is also a very important market profit point.

Halloween leggings and print clothing is a splendid idea, the costumes of people wearing is also a very important market profit point

Weather ecommerce vendors can reach to the Halloween sales record or not, which only depend on sellers’ own imagination and decision. It seems a little bit early to prepare for Halloween in August, however, to such a festival like this, the sooner you act the better!

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