Graphene uses applications – The smart clothes

Graphene uses applications – The smart clothes.How to develop and utilize the graphene and healthy functional textile? What the direction of graphene dominated smart clothes future is going to be like? The application of graphene has been discussed and explored as the next generation of hi-tech materials. On 3rd June 2017, HUALLEN Industrial attended the Chinese Textile Industry Association, Chinese chemical fiber industry association, Ji’nan Municipal People’s government, the State Sports General Administration of sports wisdom innovation research center, jointly organized by the China graphene modified fiber and application development industry alliance “graphene + health / smart / intelligent” Functional Textile Forum “innovation and development conference.

In order to better promote the” graphene + health / intelligent “functional textile industry development, to achieve cross-border integration and industrial upgrading.

Functional Textile Forum innovation and development conferenceThe meeting came to a successful which had ended on a happy note between three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and more than 300 industry elites. This meeting has also made HUALLEN well aware of the importance of the next generation of hi-tech materials application research. As a company which has a complete industry chain from yarn raw materials to finished fabrics to finished product, HUALLEN invests 23% of company profit to develop new products and new materials every year. Therefore, we are keenly aware of the potential market and broad market prospect of graphene functional textiles at this conference!

Actually, HUALLEN in 2016 has begun to study the feasibility of functional textile yarn of graphene, and we have also been closely linked with industry’s Chinese counterparts which concerned with this field, was intended to manufacture a series of fabrics suit sportswear. The content of this forum as follow.

What is graphene used for?

What is graphene used forGraphene is increasingly widespread used in functional textiles because of its superior mechanical, optical, electrical and thermodynamic properties. With the increasing healthy consumption demand of human beings, More and more closely related to human health of functional textiles which was developed by graphene, would come into our life inch by inch.

Nowadays,the development and application of graphene has entered the “graphene +” epoch. Duan Xiaoping, the president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, addressed the conference. Graphene has a bright market prospects and social efficiency, not only for our chemical fiber textile industry, but it will bring attractive changes on many industries. However, the industrial development of “graphene + health/smart” technological bottlenecks that have not been broken through yet, such as the preparation of graphene monoatomic layer, Graphene and functional fiber composite macro quantitative preparation technology, etc. Graphene commercialized era is still yet to come. We must work steadily, and taking the meeting “graphene + health / smart” as the new starting point of industry process,the industry chain upstream and downstream collaborative innovation, corresponding to further promote industrial development.

Graphene uses applications in china

Graphene application in chinaGraphene uses applications in china: From this year, the leading textile manufacturing enterprises in China by means of technological innovation, successfully breakthrough preparation of graphene biomass macro quality and industrial application of graphene in functional fibers. They developed functional fabrics with low-temperature far-infrared, anti-UV, enhance airframe function, improvement micro-cycle, antibiosis and bacteriostatic function, anti-static electricity, warm and insulate temperature, etc. New preparation method based off corncob cellulose as graphene raw materials, it has break through the bio-based graphene coordination assembling carbon deposition, Catalytic Pyrolysis Process(PCC) and key technologies of refining and dispersing; The problems of easily aggregation and difficult quality control regarding graphene in recycled cellulose fiber and polyester staple fiber and polyamide/nylon 6 staple fiber have been solved, given graphene surface modification treatment and polymers dispersion technology; The leading textile manufacturing enterprises have developed filtering technology for specialized components, graphene modification regenerated cellulose fiber, polyamide/nylon 6 staple fiber; Graphene modification fiber technology of high efficiency spinning processing, weaving and dyeing technology and processing technology system of graphene functional fabric had been established.

How to take the innovation and development road of “graphene + health / smart” functional fabrics?

——5 textile and health industry elites had shared their views.

How to take the innovation and development road of graphene health smart” functional fabrics

  • From the perspective of hi-tech materials that main work in athlete’s, director Mr. Li from the General Administration of Sport, Wisdom Sports Innovation Research Center, spoke about hi-tech materials and sports health, and interpreted the updated of equipment and material in the Olympic Games and other sports events, may improve athlete’s performance by leaps and bounds to some extent based on idiographic instance.
  • Graphene applied research report in enlarged health field, new materials engineer Mr. Zhang first introduced the developments of international graphene enlarged health, disease diagnosis, medical chip, targeted therapy, far infrared, antibiotics bacteriostasis are all involved. Graphene far infrared and antibiotics bacteriostasis, mechanism research and application development direction were analysis in detail by Mr. zhang.
  • Hua ping Wang, the vice dean of Hua dong university research institute, in preparation of graphene and polyamide/nylon 6 composite fiber, he introduced Contribution of SEED modified biomass graphene to miscibility and dimensional uniformity , based on functional graphene polyesters that human health needed and the development of polyamide fiber. According to the performance evaluation of PA6 masterbatch modified by biomass graphene, which can be used as references , Also the modified polyester fiber with biomass graphene after-processes and analysis and characterization of fiber. Finally, Mr. Wang described the application examples regarding graphene in smart clothes.
  • Fashionable and technological – research based on ergonomic fashion sport product. Dr. Liu li analyzed and explained fashion and functional requirements from sport product development from three aspects of fashion trends and material innovation from the fibers, to yard to fabrics, research of fashion trends and human science, more take Olympic games sportswear sponsor brands like Li-Ning, ANTA, 361º, Adidas, NIKE, BIEM.L.FDLKK as examples, to introduce the new developing trends of sportswear fabric.
  • Graphene study and application in the field of textile – Li jun Qu, the professor from Qingdao university.
    She introduced and analyzed the pivotal preparation technique of graphene/regenerated cellulose fiber, the addition quantity of graphene impact on fibers infrared emission, mechanical property, heat stability, thermal conductivity, Anti-UV and inflaming retarding. In addition, the preparation of graphene oxide / polyacrylonitrile composite fiber, sun resistant and anti-aging graphene FYD and graphene/polyaniline(PANI) functional conductive fabric were introduced. Moreover, she looked ahead the future development trends which functionalized and intellectualized graphene fabric.

Graphene study and application in the field of textile

Graphene, with the advantages which other traditional raw material does not have. After the forum, HUALLEN will committed to constantly develop that related to functional graphene textile which based on the results of discussion with industrial elites, to look forward to combining HUALLEN’s advantage with functional graphene textile, for instance, leggings, tops, sports shirts, etc. We will keep on developing smart clothes that have abundant functions based on the properties of graphene, and being actively involved in the market.

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