Glitter printing for sportswear

Glitter printing and silver pressed printing mainly printed onto paper packaging, is traditional and tasteful binding method. Screen printing of glitter and sliver pressed is a new process which principle is special chemical agent added into the printing paste, making print position present especially beautiful gold or silver printing effect respectively. Screen printing of glitter and sliver pressed without fading, long-lasting color with a wide range of fabrics available for printing. It is a very ideal printing decoration process and low cost,in comparison with traditional process.

And now we will introduction for the technology of glitter printing for sportswear, such as sports leggings,top,sports bra,ect.

Imitation bronzing pulp printing instroduction (screen printing of glitter and sliver pressed)

Imitation bronzing pulp printing,is to print analogous to shimmer pearls material onto textile, shiny like shimmer pearls under the glare of sunlight or daylight,embellishing glamorous print pattern. Imitation bronzing pulp refractive index can reach 3.6, taking titanium membrane as medium and coating special material of Titania followed by optical brighteners. As a result of good intermiscibility between Titania and clothing additives, with resist acid, high temperature resistance, good hand feeling and flash effect. Therefore, the made-up imitation bronzing pulp have good stability, even will not tarnished when it exposed to the air for a long time.

Compared with common glitter printing, imitation bronzing pulp printing has main characteristics as follows:

  • Simple process

          Imitation bronzing pulp printing shape once and simple technology, while glitter printing has to be printed onto bronzing pulp and do the comparatively complex heat transfer print gilding.

  • Rich in color

Imitation bronzing pulp is able to mix and turn out to several colors, producing intermediate color by means of dot and adjusting the one randomly while printing.

  • Environment friendly

The PE film which glitter printing left gold foil are able to cause pollution to some extent. While, imitation gilding printing is environment friendly, to use gilding paste without PE film residue.

  • Good resistance to water

In the light of water washing experiments in 100min, glitter printing and imitation bronzing pulp printing with 60℃, it was easy seen that the advantage of imitation bronzing pulp printing from washing fastness.

  • Good abrasion resistance and elasticity


Printing process of imitation bronzing pulp (screen printing of glitter and sliver pressed): as shown in picture → exposal (80~100 mesh) → color modulation → first later → print → dry → finished

Imitation bronzing pulp, new green environmental protection material has been proven more effective than other traditional for its used widely, simple method of operation, save energy, and will not cause secondary pollution. Imitation bronzing pulp has greatly blasting practical value and it has a wide application prospect.

With the technique, HUALLEN has developed diverse glitter printing and silver pressed printing fabrics, please see image attached for clarification.  The fabric that produced by glitter printing with extensive color pattern, gold is a metallic color pattern that difficult of access by regular digital printing. To accomplish better effect design, we have to adopt glitter printing when we need gold or silver.

HUALLEN now putting glitter printing fabrics into activewear, legging, top and shirt production. The flexible design and production is available for fabric customization, to print your own brand and pattern which belonged to you.

HUALLEN Industrial wholesale leggings with 4 features:

  1. Diverse fabeics and styles to select from
  2.  5-7days arrive on time
  3. Regular lead time 25 days
  4. Custom design


It’s perfect for establishing your own sportswear brand!