Fabric special – Exotic charm! Inspiration for Africa fabric

Fabric special column | This inspirational guidebook explores Africa’s Multiculturalism.
There are a variety of textures dotted the African continent, interpreting complex cultural integration, as well as the wonderful urban and natural landscapes. Different climates developed a diversity of patterns and textures that provide endless inspiration for atmospheric weathering and oxidation. The unique colors and fabric inspiration comes from vigorous fruit and plants. The landscape displays distinctive soft lines, colored and subtle textures that highlight the wonders of nature. The urban landscape is highly individual, with contrasting cultural elements and surface textures. Here, tradition and modernity combined perfectly.

Fabric type for Accra Tropical Temptation

Fabric special column |Fabric Style of Accra: Tropical Temptation

In tropical city Accra, various textures mirror the hustle and bustle of atmosphere and spirit of peace. Palm trees and dense plants contrast with broken tiles and everyday objects that are exposed to the sun. These irregular patterns to the surface and appear to be sucked in chalk white.

Fabric Type of Zanzibar Seaweed and sand

Fabric special column |Fabric Type of Zanzibar: The stone city

In the stone city, the quirk fruit prevails in this Ireland, as well as fish from the surrounding waters. Energetic patterns and textures from the buildings here, in contrast to Kenga fabric; Sugarcane, orange, plantain and tropical fish can be seen everywhere in our lives.

Fabric Type of Zanzibar Seaweed and sand Fabric Type of Zanzibar The stone city

Fabric special column |Fabric Type of Nairobi: Concrete Jungle

The architectural style of Nairobi shows the texture of this bustling city. The surface of the corrugated iron fence, scaffolding and building materials add radiance and charm to the lush tropical gardens and buildings (which highlight the industrial geometric shapes of Nairobi’s architectural landmarks).

Fabric special column |Fabric Type of Arusha The flower of Marseille

Arusha is located at the foot of the Mt Meru. The tropical gardens are spread over East Africa here, the cultural atmosphere of Marseille is permeated everywhere in the Arusha. Bright and indistinct pattern, textile layers highlighted the background of the textured walls with soft aging treatment colors, forming a strongly demarcated contrast. Iron gates and structures enlighten geometric images.

Fabric Type of Arusha The flower of Marseille

Fabric special column |Fabrics Type of Johannesburg:Urbanism

Set in eye-catching graffiti and hand-painted walls, Johannesburg brings many casual textures and colors. Advertising posters, wall painting, road signs and street signs formed an image effect of cutting-and-pasting.

Fabrics Type of Johannesburg:Urbanism

Fabric special column |Fabrics Type of Cape Town The way of nature

Extreme climate elements leaving the mark on nature. The Atlantic and India oceans meet at the beaches of Cape Town. The delicate seaweed and sand dunes were carved into rocks, bringing natural and ethereal inspiration. The soft lines of the natural landscape changing with the wind.

Fabrics Type of Cape Town The way of nature

Fabric special column |Fabric Type of Cape Down Wall-painting

The Woodstock District of Cape Town inspired the theme, whose striking murals and mottled walls highlight the city’s long history. On the streets of Woodstock, the walls drawing local elements of everyday living, as well as elaborate hand-painted patterns (from a new perspective). Eye-catching colors, patterns and images are treated with fading and oxidation, a strong effect of aging.

Fabric Type of Cape Down Wall-painting

Fabric special column |Fabric Type of Maungu: The indistinct dust stain

The dust of the Kenya prairies seep into buildings and wildlife, revealing a soft, ancient and pristine texture. Rusty dust embedded in walls, cracks, and surfaces, creating a magical and traditional pattern.

Fabric Type of Maungu The indistinct dust stain

In Africa,the vast and magical continent,There are various kinds of different ethnic styles here, natural style comes together here,and formed a diversified pattern and texture.Fashion inspiration is a natural treasure,tropical fruit pattern,unique delicate texture etc.These magical landscape have became the best inspiration for printing graphics, which is widely used in custom print leggings,printed fabrics and sportswear fabrics.