Fabric printing is a textile art, which symbolizes the fashion filled with garment, spandex fabric and polyester fabric is the main raw material, polyster fabric is the best digital print fabric raw material, and fabric spandex material is more flexible that benefits from spandex material. From this it has combined fashion and features together!

digital printing on fabric is a textile art

Digital printing on fabric simplifies custom printed fabric procedures. In HUALLEN INDUSTRIAL, many customers have achieced their aim of customized printing according this approach, in the sports leggings, customer made t-shirts on a variety of rich patterns are provided by the customer in order to achieve their ideas.

Nylon Fabric Elastic Wrap Swimsuit Material

80Nylon 20Spandex, which is a perfect ingredient. The blend of nylon and spandex is an outstanding achievement in materials technology. It is not only waterproof, dehydrated, and takes care of the elasticity of the swimwear material, making it more comfortable to wear. Digital printing to make the color more vivid, 4 color fastness so that you do not have to worry about inferior materials will be fade.

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lycra spandex elastic fabric

Ultra-fine polyester fiber and spandex material combination are aim at the beginning of much cooler and lighter, and it is destined to an excellent outdoor sports fabric for its moisture perspiration, quick-drying, breathable functions. 160 kilograms per cubic metre  is a lightweight design, and in the hot areas and summer it has a remarkable performance!

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3 Ways to using for printing fabric


What’s the relationship with Fashion fabrics & fabric printing?  It should be said that the fabric printing created the fashion fabrics, but in turn, fashion fabrics make people aware of the magic of digital printed on fabric.

fashion fabrics digital priting fabric for sportswear

Sports leggings is one of the main products that we are glad to create and produce. HUALLEN, which is rich in printed fabrics and we are so very good at integrating resources that fashion fabrics can be directly put on sports leggings and create stunning outdoor art.

printed fabric fashion fabric art design HUALLEN Industrial

Textile printing, it seems as represented that any knitwear material can be printed by the hand of HUALLEN from raw material, but we also have areas that we can not reach, so we focus on the functional approach mainly that can be achieved and provide customers with high-quality products.


A model shared with us the story of her custom printed fabric in HUALLEN. This story showed us that several fabrics printing methods can be implemented, so you can get some ideals about printing. Gradient color will not be decay of the fabric printing trend in the next few years, whether it is T-shirts or sports leggings and other outdoor sports apparel, gradient color can catching your eyes are easy.

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