Design for tshirt fashion trends 2017

Usually, in developing the design of T-shirt, we do not care about the problem that should we pay attention to, and argue that it is a simple t-shirt and we can do at our own will, everything will be ok as long as the design is not ugly, is it?


1. Be a responsible designer

There are many enterprises will give a full power to the design company at t-shirt design time, and wash their own hand and walk away, then pick up one satisfied design which design company provide. In fact, such a t-shirt design would be identical with others. In developing design, we must talk about serious issues with design company, instead of playing an arm-flinging shopkeeper part. The company’s culture accurately communicated to the design company, so that the design company can understand our corporate culture, so as to have a better T-shirt design.

t-shirt-printing-design2. Unique personality

We must adhere to “highlight and eye-catching” principal, People can see T shirt design style at a glance, which requires the design of T-shirt color is bright, because bright colors are easier to catch people’s eye, it is designed to do so. For example, there is a pink female T-shirt, especially to attract the eye. Of course, for some special industries and special products, we must specific analysis of specific issues.

3. Highlight enterprise logo

Design for t-shirt, the most important thing is the enterprise logo itself, this is the key point of T-shirt design. On the basis of emphasizing the company’s culture and highlight the enterprise products, t-shirt design also need to attract the attention of customers, so that the customers will never forget the company’s name and logo.

4. Fabrics quality

In addition to the several points above, T-shirt fabric is essential, without any doubt. No one wants his T-shirt design is a disposable product, inquire into t-shirt fabrics before customized t-shirt, to work out a creative t-shirt.

Highlight your own design personality, your T-shirt design can play much use depends on your eyes and standards, a qualified T-shirt is personality, not just a T-shirt.