Design leggings wholesale production process

Design leggings wholesale tips – 3 kinds of leggings printed projects

Printing classification:

  1. Digital printing. Digital printing is also divided into direct-injection printing and transfer printing. With reference to photo printing is direct-injection printing, transfer printing is, pattern printed on paper first, and then the heat transfer printing transfer the pattern of paper to the fabric. Transfer printing is suitable for order that with many colors and details and less quantity.

The following are taken from the real shot, the company purchased the digital transfer printing machine.


The above digital printer will print the pattern on media paper, which is no difference with the photo printing. During transfer printing process, there is a high-temperature blanket transfer fabric together with the paper, the color of paper will be transferred into the fabric.


printing fabric used of media paper

The above is the whole process of digital theramal transfer printing.

Digital printing can be printed on 100% polyester or 100% cotton fabrics, but with different pigments. 100% cotton or cotton and linen fabrics need to use reactive dyes, the following comparison chart is the same pattern, digital printing on base fabric of poly-cotton 80/20 and base cloth of 100% polyester, which performanced a different situation, 100% polyester is very bright, TC fabric is bleak relatively. Polyester-cotton cloth added the reactive dyes.


      2.Transfer printing. It is printing patterns on the paper, and then printing the patterns by thermal transfer. it invest much capital in the stage of printing          patterns on the paper, how many color of design matched with the same quantity of barrel, each barrel need to carve a single color separation patterns.A barrel cost probably 150 USD . So the printing method for the large quantity, and the classic style is not easy to be out of vogue. Such as very popular printing, the curtain fabric.

Transfer printing fabric for sportswear process

Transfer process,there is a high-temperature blanket transfer machine fabric is very media paper paste together, the media will be on the color of paper to the fabric.

(RELEAD: Lycra fabric suitable for printing

Transfer printing applied to the 100% polyester fabric
Transfer printing applied to the 100% polyester fabric, while heat tranfer printing the temperature is high, the temperature on the cotton cloth surface has great influence, not just the color of cloth, there is shrinkage and so on.

      3.Screen printing including flat screen printing and rotary screen printing.

screen printing including flat screen printing and rotary screen printing

Rotary screen printing is acylindrical pulley that surrounded by screen mesh, which parts of pattern that need to be printed can be passed, but the other sides are closed. Pigment on the pulley inside rolling and rolling and the fabric also rolling in the following, paint left on the cloth through the pattern in the end.  Each pillar above was in charge of one color printing.

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