Create your own t shirt design

To create your own t-shirt design should take the fabric, color, pattern, printing method and cutting into account.
knitted cotton fabric is used for T-shirt fabric as usual, even though a simple T-shirt is it, Patten and cutting are quite important, especially the women style, exquisite Patten will make simple T-shirt wearing with unique style. The pattern should give full play to our imagination, unfortunately, it will be restricted by some factors, such as the size of the pattern, and should pay attention somewhat differences of design between T-shirt wearing and put flat. In addition, the pattern color should be matched with the color of T-shirt, Furthermore, the printing technology, screen printing, digital printing, thermal transfer printing or embroidery, different printing method has different requests for the pattern design, Google for detailed information as you can.

All of the above is considered from the appearance and use, if we take into account the business sector, there are more factors: target customer group, brand image, distribution channel, cost and price strategy, how to prevent the original design with imitation and plagiarism.