coolmax fabric

coolmax fabric is a functional named, which refers to all kinds of wicking functional fabrics. For a variety of outdoor sports scenes, running, marathon, basketball, football, and all sorts of violent outdoor sports need wicking features to make the exercise more comfortable.

What is COOLMAX Fabric?

COOLMAX is a registered brand and a functional fabric with INVISTA patent fiber, which have identified by INVISTA, some cases also contain other fiber types.

COOLMAX fabric is classified in accordance with the performance levels:

  1. COOLMAX Everyday
  2. COOLMAX Active
  3. COOLMAX Extreme

coolmax-everdayCOOLMAX fabrics everday usingCOOLMAX Everyday:  You are sure to enjoy the COOLMAX fabric if you pursue causal and chic. Meanwhile, natural hand feeling comes from its lightweight, soft and air permeability, with awesome wearing experience.

COOLMAX Activecoolmax fabric activeCOOLMAX Active: If you pursue the sports lifestyle, if you have a high demand for sports clothing, and compared with other fabrics, your satisfaction is guaranteed owning to the breathable and cool experience.

COOLMAX ExtremeCOOLMAX Fabrics for extreme sportsCOOLMAX Extreme:If you are the extreme sports athlete, you must know how to choose the performance of clothing, you will fall in love with COOLMAX?. It has been proved that the COOLMAX? fabric can reduce the skin surface temperature and heart frequency in the exercise without affecting the water content of the body.




COOLMAX Fabric – Cooler and more comfort fabrics – designed for all kinds of occasion

A whole new world – pioneering fabric of COOLMAX. COOLMAX fabric is the priority sportswear fabric for customers on account of the market-leading sweat vapour control technology. INVISTA have studied and launched the new COOLMAX fabric series on the basis of the different demand of comfort, they are: COOLMAX X4AIR performance fabric,COOLMAX FreshFX fabric,COOLMAX wool fabric and COOLMAX UPF ANTI-UV fabric.

COOLMAX technology is also used in everyday clothing to bring cool and comfortable

Traditional COOLMAX fabrics have been successful in helping top athletes get stronger and more durable, and now, COOLMAX technology is also used in everyday clothing to bring cool and comfortable.

It’s proved that distinctive COOLMAX fabric of physiological design is completely personal needs, recently has been applied to numerous clothing styles, including moderate and high strength and casual clothes.

It is demonstrated by experiments that OOLMAX? dries faster than any other fabrics.

1.Maintain a relatively low heart raw

2.Cooler to wear than any other fabrics



Effective and durable antibacterial of COOLMAX FreshFX fabric

Effective and durable antibacterial of COOLMAX FreshFX fabric

1.Wove silver-based antimicrobial into fiber to build an invisible shield

2.This layer of invisible shield can eliminate the odor produced by bacteria breeding .

coolmax fabric the inherent quick-drying function, wicking is particularly suitable for running sports/cycling/any type for workout are suitable for this fabrics material.




SDRI-FIT made by ultrafine fiber material, it can pass sweat from the skin to the outer layer of clothing and rapid evaporation, to maintain the dry experience of exercise. 906DT Cationic fabric is an excellent outdoor fabrics and material design by SDRI-FIT & Spandex both of high elastic & wicking.

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Wicking fabric 901D is one of the fabric that created by SDRI-FIT, made of 100% cationic polyester fabric, the inherent quick-drying function, wicking is particularly suitable for running sports. Cationic fabric, the unique rainbow colors make your sporting T-shirt more stylish without any printing!

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Jacquard fabric manufacturing process complicated. Warp and weft interwoven ups and downs, forming different patterns, there are convex, multi-woven out of flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts and other beautiful patterns. Texture is soft, delicate, smooth unique texture, gloss is good, good drape, and breathability and color fastness high (yarn dyeing). 909D jacquard fabric using SDRI-FIT and polyester faric, not only has a super wicking function,but also stylish appearance!

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COOLMAX Fabric rapid perspiration patented fabric is designed to maintain the comfort of movement. Unique COOLMAX ultra-fine fibers can make water by the siphon effect, along the fiber to the clothes quickly evaporate the surface. As 90% of the competitors are using chemical treatment, after prolonged use of washing and easy to lose its efficacy. In contrast, COOLMAX Fabric biochemical technology has demonstrated its superior results. COOLMAX Fabric can be worn when close to the skin surface, providing the best sweat function and a sense of comfort. Regardless of any exercises, HUALLEN is the agent of INVISTA and supply the coomal fabric with best price and quality.