How To Avoid Being Cheated When Purchasing Small Quantity Products

As a budding entrepreneur, how to avoid being cheated when purchasing small quantity products ?

There are many budding enterpreneurs are afraid of purchasing goods on the Internet from China, but the truth is that it seldom happens.

Whether Alibaba, AliExpress, or DHgate , they will not receive your payment if no shipping. What’s more, in such a network platform, all suppliers in the beginning of the registration must provide their Chinese identity cards, or their company’s registration information. Furthermore,they must pay a certain amount of money each year to become a supplier on these platforms. For example, if you want to become Alibaba’s gold medal supplier. You must pay RMB 29800 (US $ 4730) per year as a membership fee. In addition, in the AliExpress, you must submit a deposit of USD4700 to become a gold supplier.

An interesting thing is: many people think that the gold supplier is verified by Alibaba, also is Alibaba said. But this is not the case, in Alibaba, all suppliers are gold suppliers, because they have to pay the membership fee. Therefore, when looking for suppliers in Alibaba, you can ignore it.Therefore, the worst thing is that, quality of the products you receive is worse or less the quantity than you expected.

So, when looking for suppliers on the Internet, we must be cautious. Don’t focus on the lowest price only, because you can get a good profit in retail sales. Unless you accept the risk of quality or other problems brought about by cheap products. But in this case, even if you want to return the goods, you will find the freight is too high, and most Chinese sellers do not accept returns and refunds,just like that.