10 Facts About Sports You Have To Know

Facts sports #1: Aerobic exercise machine can figure out the calories you burnt.

The calorie burning is based on a person’s age, health conditions, BMI and gender, in attrition, different people in different fitness levels and burning calories BMI index at a different speed, and some do not even require weight or gender.

Facts sports #2:Heart rate monitor help you to know the exercise level.

Heart rate monitor can be adjusted in accordance with the different types of exercise you are doing. Your own body will tell you how much the exercise level that you did. You can judge whether you are able to say a complete sentence, a few phrases or a few words to self-examination how much the exercise level is.

Facts sports #3: Ultimate goal is not your weight, but look at health from all sides.

The relationship with weight and fitness is of small account. Muscle is much heavier than fat, so it’s normal to see your weight gain after weeks of training. It is better to judge whether the dress is close-fitting and your body feels good or not.

Facts sports #4: Low-intensity can burn more fat.

The higher exercise level you do, the more carbohydrate you would consume away. You may burn less fat, but the more calories burned is higher. When your body has burned up all the extra carbohydrate, it starts burning fat.

Facts sports #5: Is it feasible to make the abdomen or the arm more compact by intensive training?

A great quantity of repetitive training can produce muscle memory to reducing the effectiveness of exercise, which also allows your body to reduce fat consumption. Doing exercise can reduce the local muscle exercise memory effectively, to burn fat better by fitness training.

Facts sports #6: Eat what I like at a venture as long as I keep fit and stay healthy?

When you have a calorie deficit, you can really lose weight quickly. However, serious calorie deficit could produce the opposite effect. Muscles need nutrients, so your food intake must be balanced by fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Facts sports #7: Heart rate fitness is the only way to lost weight.

Heart rate fitness is good for the heart and it can also improve physical endurance, but it is not the best way to consume fat.
Because the muscles are stored in a higher energy, the body begins to consume the energy of the muscles, not the fat consumption.
It is the best time to do the heart rate training within 10-25 mins, as it fully corresponds with the heart and endurance requirement, and avoid consuming the energy to some extent.

Facts sports #8: If you want to burn more fat, heart rate training in the morning with an empty stomach is necessary.

After nearly 8 hours without eating, our body’s metabolic rate has been reduced to a minimum. Maintaining a balanced diet will allow training for a longer time, and remain normal metabolism.

Facts sports #9: Consume fat by drinking ice water.

The fact is: It has been proved that ice water will make the body system instantly changed, forcing the body system to keep warm, which can accelerate the metabolism and help to consume more fat. However, drinking room-temperature water reacts the same.

Facts sports #10: Is it good for our health to drink protein beverage after fitness?

Although protein beverage can be used to solve the problem of nutritional supplement, it is processed food actually. The best way to supplement protein is to choose Turkey, beef, yogurt and nuts.

10 facts about sports you have to know